Personalized Art Gifts in Chiang Mai

Baby Oil Color Portrait by CM Portrait Paintings

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Personalized art gifts can be very special and therefore will always be highly appreciated.

Those having purchased a unique personalized portrait art gift in Chiang Mai in order to give such an everlasting present to beloved relatives or friends at joyful events like Valentine's Day, Christmas, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduation days will make them feel much appreciated.

Chiang Mai Quick Guide

When receiving your custom portrait they’ll be happier persons. Today, regular gift ideas most likely will remain unnoticed as more and more people having become much more creative surprising their relatives with unique gifts.

Should you go for a personalized portrait art gift then you can be sure the receiver will be impressed as it was especially created for him or her.

What could possibly be greater art gifts than items such as lifelike dog portraits, handmade newborn portraits, rock star portrait paintings or a sensual nude drawing.

The city of Chiang Mai located in the similarly named northern Thai province is home to the country’s most skilled portrait artists.

 However, no need to travel al the way to Thailand, as today people looking for unique personalized gifts can safely order affordably top quality portraits online through Chiang Mai Portrait Paintings.

More on Turning Pictures into Portraits

Since March 2010, this Dutch-managed online portrait art atelier has created more than 180 personalized charcoal pencil portraits and oil color paintings. Customers can simply send a picture to them via e-mail.

Next, one of the professional and experienced portraitists creating museum quality portrait art for CM Portrait Paintings will start turning the received photograph into a lifelike painting or charcoal pencil artwork.

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