Portrait Art Created by CM Portrait Paintings

 Below some recent samples of personalized portrait paintings and charcoal pencil sketches, created by our portraitists.  

Our creative artists can also create any desired scene to any existing picture as per the customer’s instructions.

We can insert your most precious photograph into an existing artwork and create any style of a painted or drawn reproduction to fit desired colours, backgrounds, decorations and much more...

E-mail: info@cmportraitpaintings.com

African Tribe Boy.JPG
Indian Girl Charcoal.JPG
Veiled Girl.JPG
Afghan Girl - Charcoal Colored Eyes.JPG
War Child.jpg
Baby in Hands.JPG
Young Lady Colored Eyes - Small Charcoal.JPG
Boy - Oil Colour.jpg
Charcoal Sketch from Color Photo.jpg
Jump - Special Size Oil.jpg
Charcoal - Large - 1Pers - UAE.JPG
Special Size - Oil Color.JPG
African Boy - Large Charcoal.JPG
Old Chinese Man.JPG
Buddha Large Oil Color.JPG
Girl and Hand.JPG
Sleeping Baby.JPG
Charcoal - The Hulk.JPG
Herb Smoking Bob Marley - Oil Color.jpg
Waffle House Business Logo- Medium Charcoal.JPG
Oil Color - Small Size.JPG
Family - Charcoal - Large - 6 Pers.JPG
Charcoal Sketch from Old Photo.jpg
Girl Nose Piercing.jpg
Pastel Colour - Family.jpg
Vietnamese Girl.JPG
Truck Driver - Special Size - Oil Colour.JPG